The Pineview Room

Collecting ashes evokes a wide array of emotions. It is here, we again are presented with the reality of a loved one’s passing.

The Pineview Room was designed so that in our moment of need we are surrounded by beauty, life and warmth. We are supported and comforted, provided with solace and strength, as we navigate our future. The chrysalis of grief becomes a time of transformation.

This space manifested through the collaboration of artists who have experienced loss. A combination of wisdom and empathy has directed their medium, resulting in a space designed for you. To be understood in your journey. From conceptual paintings, to artisanal urns and cremation jewellery, the Pineview Room reminds us that there is no one way to hold space. No one way to remember. No one way to memorialize.

For more information or to book the Pineview Room, please visit our office or speak to our Family Service Advisors by calling (02) 9652 8066.

Elisabeth Amalfi - Project Designer & Curator

It’s been said that our life experiences, whether good or bad, often play a large role in shaping our vocation in life. For Elisabeth Amalfi, this couldn’t be more true.

Growing up in Western Sydney, Elisabeth’s family business is within the funeral industry - importing fine coffins from her Father’s home country, Italy. It wasn’t an industry that she was fond of in her teenage years, but is now very proud to be celebrating thirty-three years of her family’s work.

After working in the funeral industry for many years, she has birthed the Pineview Room concept. A room that is adorned with beautiful art, flowers and inviting decor that provides comfort and warmth to people when they need it most. She hopes that the design of the room, like a warm blanket, provides solace needed in the earliest stages toward feeling whole after the loss of a loved one. For Elisabeth, this is a calling - a commitment to honouring her late Father’s legacy with integrity, hope and healing.

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