Important Park Updates

Office Closure - Monday, 10th June

Due to the public holiday, our office will be closed on Monday, 10th June, 2024. The Park will remain open for visitation.

We thank you for your understanding.

Wet Weather Update

Following the heavy rains experienced across Sydney, Newcastle and Illawarra our teams are assessing the grounds and will implement remediation works over the coming week. We thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please speak with our team at reception.

Visitor Reminder

We kindly remind visitors that our ornamentation policy extends to our dedicated Baby and Children areas within the Park. Pinegrove Memorial Park understands the sensitivity of ornamentation within these areas however where other clients are impacted, or a safety concern presents, our Park Team will need to remove items in accordance with our policy.

We find that with the warmer months there is an increased risk posed by the presence of insects finding safe harbour amongst some items of ornamentation which can cause harm to guests and employees.

Where removal of items has occurred, please enquire with Reception.

Safety update

We kindly remind all visitors that alcohol and vapes are prohibited items to be left within the Park. These items are a health and safety hazard to other visitors and will be removed from a memorial and disposed of.

Similarly, glass, pebbles and fencing will be removed as they pose a danger to our grounds team when maintaining the Park.

Please also be reminded that naked flames are not permissible as the lighting of candles in current weather conditions pose a significant risk.