Burial memorial options


A memorial plays an important part in the burial process. It creates a permanent record of the burial site, which becomes a place where memories can be revisited, emotions explored, as well as a place where future generations can come to visit.

View examples of the burial memorial options available to you at Pinegrove Memorial Park in the photo gallery below. You and your family have many choices and options for a personalised and meaningful burial memorial.

For Chinese memorials, please visit our Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Garden page.


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Stations of the Cross

Lawn Burial

Lawn burials create an open vista within a broad and landscaped space that is easy to move across. Memorials are marked at ground level with bronze plaques. The markers can be personalised with your own inscription and adjacent positions are available.

Headstone Gardens

A traditional form of burial; our headstones are granite so the beauty and finish is long-lasting. There is a huge range of styles and colours, both single and double sized headstones are available. All headstones are engraved with gold, silver or white lettering. This memorial can be as simple or as detailed as you would like.


Overlooked by Chris the Redeemer, memorial options range from a traditional lawn burial to a memorial garden.

Garden Memorial

There are a variety of garden memorials available within the grounds at Pinegrove Memorial Park. Garden memorials are set within beds that abound with colour. The gardens are tended throughout the year, ensuring colour which attracts native fauna.

Garden Burial

Rather than a burial marked by stonework, you can choose to have a burial marked by garden plantings. This is a softer, gentler way of acknowledging a burial position and can be a wonderful tribute to a loved one. There is a variety of garden burials available to choose from.

Heritage Estate

An elegant individual memorial, which can be built to include as many people as required. This memorial suits families who wish to be together. It can be personalised by your choice of plants, headstone and finish of garden surround.

Lung Po Shan

Lung Po Shan

Lung Po Shan 龍寶山
Chinese Memorial Garden

Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Garden is Sydney’s premier resting place for Chinese families. Designed to meet the memorial needs of Sydney’s Chinese Buddhist, Christian and non-denominational communities, Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens offers you an extensive selection of lakeside burial and cremation memorials.

Call (02) 9269 0288 to speak to one of Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens’ specially trained memorial consultants.