The Butterfly, the Dragon and the Phoenix

Rebirth, Excellence and Eternity, all three are important elements to the creation, design and intention behind Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens.

Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Garden is Sydney’s premier resting place for Chinese families. Designed to meet the memorial needs of Sydney’s Chinese Buddhist, Christian and non-denominational communities, Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens offers you an extensive selection of lakeside burial and cremation memorials.

Created after extensive consultation with the Chinese community, and designed with highest fidelity to the principles of Feng Shui, Lung Po Shan provides a place where the customs and traditions of China can live on amidst the Australian landscape.

Lung Po Shan regularly hosts events such as Ching Ming and Chung Yeung. Thanks to Lung Po Shan’s connection to important Buddhist, Taoist and other cultural groups, these events are always an authentic experience and give life to the traditions of the homeland. All memorialisations within Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens are supported by ongoing care and maintenance at no extra cost.

Chinese speaking memorial consultants are available to assist families and complementary, no obligation tours can be arranged.

Call (02) 92627988 to speak to one of Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens’ specially trained memorial consultants.