Terra Santa Crypts Now Selling


The exclusive new crypt memorial development at Pinegrove Memorial Park is now selling off the plan.

The new crypt complex is located in Memories 7, which is a central location in Pinegrove Memorial Park next to our other crypt areas and mausoleums, and close to our North and West Chapels.

Crypts are an everlasting place of remembrance where your family can be together, and provide dignity, peace and comfort for families where future generations can pay their respects.

To pre-order your memorial in Terra Santa, speak to a Family Service Adviser on (02) 9625 8066.

Terra Santa Crypts artist impression at Pinegrove Memorial Park

Artist's impression of Terra Santa Crypts.


The Terra Santa crypt complex will be the largest crypt complex in the southern hemisphere. Terra Santa will showcase a modern design incorporating environmental aspects such as natural light, solar power, covered walkways and featured courtyard areas. There will be water features, gardens, bronze art, detailed landscaping and mosaics as part of the development.


Terra Santa Memorial Options

Terra Santa will consist of 640 Crypts in total.

  • 72 Double Courtyard Crypts
  • 100 Single Courtyard Crypts
  • 136 Internal Double Crypts
  • 184 Single Internal Crypts
  • 52 Double Walkway Crypts
  • 96 Single Walkway Crypts

There are also 3 Vaults available that will hold 8 people, with the option to be converted to hold up to 12 people.


Selling now

Speak to a Family Service Adviser on (02) 9625 8066 to pre-order a memorial in Terra Santa today.

An artist's impression of the front entry of the Terra Santa Crypts at Pinegrove Memorial Park

Artist's impression - Front entry perspective